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Atlas Remote Setup

Setup Other Devices to Control
1. Press the mode key for the device you wish to setup.
2. Press and hold SETUP until TV mode key blinks twice.
3. Enter 9 – 9 – 1
4. Press Ch+ repeatedly until your device turns on or off.
5. To save the working code, press and hold SETUP until LED blinks twice.
Setup Volume Control
1. Press and hold SETUP key until the mode key blinks twice.
2. Enter 9 – 9 – 3
3. Press the AUD mode key to lock volume to AUDIO.
Programming the Master Power Key (Power All Devices)
Note: MASTER POWER (PWR) only works in the CBL mode. If it is not programmed, only the cable receiver will turn on or off.
In any other mode, pressing the MASTER POWER (PWR) once will turn the selected device on or off.
1. Press and hold SETUP key until the last selected device key blinks twice.
2. Enter 9 9 5. The last selected device key blinks twice
3. Press PWR once.

4. For the first device you want on in the power on sequnce, press a device key (e,g,CBL) once. Then press PWR once. For the second device in the power sequence, press its key once (e.g. TV). Then press PWR.
5. Repeat step 4 up to four more times to add the second, fourth, and fifth device, as desired.

6. To save the settings and exit the program:

  1. Press CBL once.
  2. Press and hold SETUP until the CBL key blinks twice.