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Frequently Asked Questions

Account & Billing

How can I access eBill from my mobile device?
Accessing and paying your bill is now easier and more convenient than ever. The mobile app, eBill Mobile, is now available for our LHTC Broadband customers to download on your mobile device. By using eBill Mobile you can gain access to view your usage, current and past invoices, and payment history. Additionally, you can submit payments and change invoice delivery preferences.
If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service at 724-593-2411.

Android Device
Google Play App

Click here to install the app for free.
Apple Device
iTunes App

Click here to install the app for free. 
I am moving and would like to transfer my LHTC Broadband service to my new address.
We would be happy to move your services if your new address is within LHTC territory. Please contact the business office for more information.
What is seasonal status and how do I switch to seasonal status?

Seasonal status is applied to customers’ phone accounts who wish to retain the same telephone number but not pay for active services while they are away. Customers pay 50% of the Subscriber Line Charge and 50% of the Federal Access Recovery Charge plus applicable taxes while they are on a seasonal status. Applicable service order fees apply when a customer wishes to return to active services. neXus TV customers who wish to be on seasonal status will only pay for the set-top boxes and DTAs. The cost of service will be $0.00. If the customer wishes to not pay for boxes while on seasonal, they will need to return the equipment and pay a restore fee when they are ready to restore service.

Customers may go on/off seasonal status three times in a 12-month period without penalty.  After, the cost to go on/off seasonal status is subject to a service order fee. 

Does LHTC Broadband offer a Military discount?

Your service is important to us. As a small token of our gratitude to those who have served or are serving, we offer a military discount on Internet service. Please contact our Customer Service department to learn how to qualify.


How do I access my LHTC Broadband email?
You can access your email by either setting up your email in your email client on your computer or by accessing it via LHTC Broadband’s website:


How can I manage my LHTC WiFi router?
To manage your LHTC Broadband Wi-Fi router, please click on the following link to view the Calix NetValet guide.
NetValet Guide


What should I do if my connection to the Internet is slow or not working?
Make sure all connections are properly plugged in, make sure the power supply is plugged in and both green lights are lit up. Finally, try restarting the computer and or router. If problem persists, call tech suppport at:
Laurel Highlands Area: 724-593-LHTC (5482)
Yukon Area: 724-722-1110
South Canaan Area: 570-937-9535
Lackawaxen Area: 570-685-5554
What are the SMTP and POP mail servers for LHTC Broadband?
The incoming server (POP) address is and the outgoing (SMTP) address is
How do we measure speed?
Internet speed can be broken down into three distinct categories: download speed (the speed a user can retrieve something from the Internet), upload speed (the speed a user can send something to a remote location on the Internet) and latency (the lag or length of time that occurs between each point during information transfer). Download and upload speeds are measured in the number of bits (or bytes) per second transferred, while latency is measure in milliseconds (or thousandths of a second)
How do I change my LHTC Broadband email password?
Please call our Internet Tech Support to reset your password:
Laurel Highlands Area: 724-593-LHTC (5482)
Yukon Area: 724-722-7111
South Canaan Area: 570-937-9535
Lackawaxen Area: 570-685-5554
What is a router?
A router is a networking device that allows one Internet connection to be distributed to multiple devices in your home wired with an ethernet cable, or wirelessly.
If my power goes out, does my Internet go out too?
Yes, the Internet will not work during a power outage. It will be restored when the power comes back on, assuming there are no further issues with the computer, outlets, etc.
Why is my WiFi signal weak?
Check to make sure that the wireless router is as close to the center of your house as possible. Also microwave ovens, cordless phones, and florescent lights can be factors in weak signal/interference as well.


What affects speed?
There are many variables that can affect speed. At certain times of the day, high volumes of users can affect the speed. Also, with wireless Internet through a router, flouresent lights, microwaves, and cordless phones can cause interference resulting in speed loss.
What is WiFi?
WiFi is the name of a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections.


What is wifi+?

wifi+ is an adaptive mesh Wi-Fi system that replaces any current Wi-Fi access points in your home. wifi+ uses the Plume System to create an adaptive network that continually optimizes your devices and your internet connection, providing more consistent speeds across every room.


Who is Plume?

Plume is our technology partner in bringing wifi+ to our customers. We chose them because their cutting-edge software and hardware provides a home Wi-Fi experience that is light years ahead of anything else available today.

How much does wifi+ cost?

Wifi+ cost is built into the price of our Internet services. Additional wifi+ units can be added to cover larger homes for an additional $6.00/mo. each.


What is included in my wifi+?

wifi+ includes two (2) Wi-Fi units and access to Plume’s highly rated HomePass app. Through the app’s Adapt, Access, Guard, and Sense features, you’ll have access to parental controls, online protection for your devices, advanced smart home protection, adblocking, motion detection, and advanced Wi-Fi management tools.

Do I need the HomePass app for wifi+ to work?

Yes. The HomePass app allows you to have access to your Wi-Fi network and the ability to manage all the devices on your network. A device such as a smart phone, tablet, or iPad is required for the HomePass app.

How many Wi-Fi units do I need for my home?

The two (2) units that come with your service work for most homes. During installation, an LHTC Broadband technician will help you to determine the perfect number of units for your home.


Can I buy additional Wi-Fi units outside of those that LHTC Broadband offers?

If you need additional units, you can rent them from LHTC Broadband for $6.00/mo. each. Units purchased outside of LHTC Broadband will not work with any units supplied by LHTC Broadband.

How does wifi+ protect against cyber threats?

Through the Guard feature in the HomePass app, Premium Wi-Fi utilizes AI security to provide real-time threat protection against crypto-mining, ransomware, malware and more to the devices connected to your home network.

How does wifi+ protect my Smart Home devices?

The HomePass app’s Guard feature includes Advanced IoT (Internet of Things) protection that defends your smart home devices like cameras, baby monitors and locks against hackers and cybercriminals.


How do wifi+ Parental Controls work?

wifi+ allows you to set up parental controls for a particular a person, an individual device, or even by location (kids bedroom), all through the HomePass app.

What devices work with wifi+?

All of your Wi-Fi enabled devices should have no problem connecting to wifi+.

As an LHTC Broadband Internet customer, how do I sign up for wifi+?

You can speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives at any of our three (3) locations.


My TV has a built-in digital TV tuner. Do I still need an HD set-top box to receive HD programming?
If your TV has a built-in digital tuner, you will be able to view the digital channels that we transmit without encryption or “in the clear”. These channels include local broadcast stations (WTAE, WPXI, KDKA, WPGH, etc). If your TV is an HDTV, you can also view the HD channels that we transmit in the clear. To receive any HD cable networks such as ESPN, Discovery, History, HGTV and more, you will need a cable connection and a HD set-top box or HD DTA from LHTC.
How do I reboot (power Cycle) the set-top box?
The preferred method of power cycling your set-top box or DTA is to unplug your box from the electrical wall outlet, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. This will reboot the box. If this step does not correct the problem, please contact LHTC for further assistance.
How do I program my cable remote control?

Program Your Remote

Choose your remote:

What do the abbreviations STB, DTA, OSG and DVR stand for?
STB: Set-Top Box
DTA: Digital Terminal Adapter
OSG: On Screen Guide
DVR: Digital Video Recorder
What should I do if there is no video picture on the TV screen?
Be sure your TV and STB or DTA are powered on. Verify that the correct input source is selected. If your TV or STB is connected to a home theater system, be sure it is powered on as well. Also, tighten any loose cables by hand.
How do I use parental controls on an neXus IPTV Set Top Box?

Activating Parental Controls

Go to Settings Press MENU and highlight Settings. Then enter your password (DEFAULT IS 0.), highlight OK and press OK. There are two main sections of Settings: Preferences and Users. Both are used for setting up parental controls.

Arrow to Parental Control under Main Preferences and press OK to check the box. Arrow to Submit and press OK. You will be returned to live TV. Navigate back to Settings and enter your account password.




Arrow Down to Users and press OK. Arrow Right and highlight Parental Control and press OK. A new screen appears listing the Parental Control topics. Arrow Up and Down to check the controls you want to set for your household. Both Movie and TV Ratings should be set. Setting one will not block the other’s content as they have different rating values. For more information about Movie and TV Ratings, see the ratings definitions in the appendix of this guide. Movie and TV ratings determine the highest rating for programs that will be accessible. All levels above the selected rating will be blocked.



Unlock Timeout (Only Available on Master Account)

Unlock Timeout determines how long parental controls will remain disabled.

To set Unlock Timeout, highlight the option box next to Unlock Timeout and press OK. Use the Right/Left Arrow Keys to select the amount of time wanted, then press OK.

Block Unrated (Only Available on Master Account)

Block Unrated allows or blocks any program that does not have a rating. To turn Block Unrated on or off, highlight the check box and press OK.

Content Rating

To block a particular type of content, highlight the check box to the left of that item and press OK.

Note: If you block unrated programs with parental control settings, you may be blocking a sports or news program that isn’t rated.


Turning Parental Controls On and Off

Once you have finished your selections, Arrow Down to Submit and press OK. Parental Controls will now be turned on. To turn off Parental Controls, go to Guide and select the Restricted program replacing the program’s title, highlight, and press OK on your remote.

A dialog box pops up that says Unlock Parental Controls and Cancel.  If you choose Unlock Parental Controls, you’re then prompted for your password and parental controls are unlocked for the duration specified by the Unlock Timeout feature.



You set the amount of time you want for the Unlock Timeout to be in effect under the Parental Controls settings as explained earlier in this section. To turn Parental Controls off indefinitely, uncheck the check box marked Parental Controls in Settings Preferences.


Channel Blocking

Channel Blocking enables or disables the list of channels you have blocked. Blocked channels do not appear in Guide.

To turn Channel Blocking on or off, highlight the check box and press OK.

To edit the list of channels that are blocked, highlight the Edit button and press OK.


Channel Blocking Edit displays a list of all channels available. You can then block or unblock any channel. Blocked channels will appear with a padlock icon next to them in the Edit screen, but WILL NOT APPEAR in channel lineup. Parental Control does not need to be turned on for this feature to be active.


To block channels, highlight the Channel Blocking Edit button and press OK.


If no changes have been made on the Preferences screen, you will go directly to the list of all available channels. If any changes have been made to the main Preferences screen and you have not already updated them, a Save Changes box will appear. Highlight YES and press OK if you wish to save these changes. The Settings Successfully Updated notice will then appear. Highlight OK, and press the OK button.


The Channel Blocking list will appear.

To block/unblock a channel, highlight the channel entry and press OK. A blocked channel will have a padlock icon on the right side of the channel name. To go to the next screen of channels, press the Up or Down Arrow Key. When complete, Arrow to update and press OK.




How does tv+ work?

Tv+ is an app available for download on streaming devices including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android. Instead of having to rent cable boxes from LHTC Broadband, you now have the option to access your cable TV service via an app that runs on your own equipment. LHTC Broadband does offer a managed set top box for a monthly rental fee. The Force 1 Streaming box is available for $3/month.

How do I get tv+?

To sign up, call LHTC Broadband’s Customer Service Department. An LHTC Broadband representative will assist you in setting up your account and assigning your email address to your account. You will receive an email confirmation and will be prompted to establish your tv+ password. Once registration is complete, download the tv+ app on your streaming device and you’re ready to go!

Can I get tv+ if I don’t have LHTC Broadband Internet?

No. Our contractual obligations only allow us to provide tv+ over LHTC Broadband Internet connection.

How much does tv+ cost?

tv+ package prices as well as add-on service price can be found (Link will need to be added.)

What features are included?

tv+ is packed with free features! Your package includes free HD and 100 hours of Cloud DVR storage and 3 streams. On Demand, Start Over and Look Back features are also available on many of the networks. (Link will need to be added.) for a complete list of feature availability.

Do I get local channels with tv+?

Yes. You will receive the same local channels that you receive with cable including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.

Is there a minimum speed of Internet service required?

LHTC Broadband recommends a minimum speed of 150 Mbps for you to have the very best TV viewing experience.

How many devices can I watch on at the same time?

The number of devices you can watch on is equivalent to the number of streams available on your account. tv+ includes 3 streams with your package which means you can watch on 3 devices at the same time. You may purchase additional streams by calling LHTC Broadband’s Customer Service Department.

Can I use tv+ outside of my house?

Yes. Many channels do allow you to watch them out-of-home. You can also watch recorded shows out-of-home. However, if there is a network not available with out-of-home rights you can watch via your Watch TV Everywhere account. Contact LHTC Broadband’s Customer Service Department for assistance or to register for Watch TV Everywhere.

Do tv+ customers still have access to Watch TV Everywhere?

Yes. A separate Watch TV Everywhere login is still required. As long as you remember your Watch TV Everywhere credentials you may use your Watch TV Everywhere account to watch anywhere you have Internet access.

Are parental controls available?

Yes, you can access parental controls in the settings. By enabling parental controls, a PIN is required to play content with TV-MA, R, or NC-17 ratings.

tv+ Installation Guides

tv+ Instructional Videos


How do I block Robocalls and Telemarketers?
We are happy to announce a new “robocall blocker” feature available to our phone customers that will eliminate telemarketers, political calls, phone spam, and tele-scammers.
The system works by checking incoming call numbers against data¬bases of valid callers and screening out those that come from deceptive sources.
Up to 10 numbers can be added that can automatically ring through.
The add-on feature is available to Stahlstown & Indian Head customers at no additional cost.
For more information or to add the feature to an account, customers can call 724-593-2411.
How do I use Call Forwarding?
Call Forwarding lets important calls follow you by transferring all incoming calls to another phone number that you choose – even a pager or cellular phone number.


How To Activate Call Forwarding:

  1. Lift handset and listen for dial tone.
  2. Press *72 on a touchtone telephone*.
  3. Listen for confirmation beeps followed by dial tone, do not hang up.
  4. Enter “forward to” phone number**. You will hear another set of confirmation beeps, followed by normal ringing.
  5. Wait for telephone to be answered at “forward to” phone number***. At that time, you can explain to the “forward to” party that he/she will be receiving all your phone calls.

*Or dial 1172 on a rotary telephone.
**Enter 1+ area code if your entry is long distance.
***If there is no answer at the “forward to” phone number or the line is busy, hang up and repeat Steps 1 to 4 within two minutes (the telephone at the “forward to” phone number does not have to be answered to establish Call Forwarding).


How To Deactivate Call Forwarding:

  1. Lift handset and listen for dial tone.
  2. Press *73 on a touchtone telephone*.
  3. Listen for confirmation beeps.
  4. Hang up.


*Or dial 1173 on a rotary telephone.



  1. As a reminder that Call Forwarding is activated, the telephone gives one short ring for each call received; however, you cannot answer these calls while Call Forwarding is activated.
  2. You can continue to make outbound calls while Call Forwarding is activated.
  3. Call Forwarding must be activated from the original line that subscribes to the service (that is, Call Forwarding cannot be activated from a remote line).
  4. When entering your “forward to” phone number, Speed Calling codes may be used if you subscribe to the Speed Calling feature.
  5. Once Call Forwarding is activated, all inbound calls are forwarded to the designated “forward to” phone number until you deactivate Call Forwarding.
  6. If you wish to change your “forward to” phone number, just deactivate your Call Forwarding service and then reactivate it with the new “forward to” phone number.
  7. Additional charges may apply to forwarded calls, depending on your type of service. For example, if you forward calls to a “forward to” phone number in California, you will be charged long distance for all calls forwarded (and the caller is only charged (if applicable) for calling your phone number).
  8. You cannot forward calls to a “forward to” phone number that requires operator assistance to enter.
How do I use Anonymous Call Rejection?
Anonymous Call Rejection is a feature that comes with Caller ID. Anonymous Call Rejection lets you reject a call from a caller who blocks his/her phone number from being displayed. If you receive a blocked call, your phone will not ring and the phone number will not appear on your equipment. The caller who has blocked the display of his/her phone number will hear an announcement that you do not accept blocked calls. All other calls ring through as usual.


How To Activate Anonymous Call Rejection:

  1. Lift handset and listen for dial tone.
  2. Press *77 on a touchtone telephone*.
  3. Listen for confirmation beeps.

*Or dial 1177 on a rotary telephone.


How To Deactivate Anonymous Call Rejection:

  1. Lift handset and listen for dial tone.
  2. Press *87 on a touchtone telephone*.
  3. Listen for confirmation beeps.

*Or dial 1187 on a rotary telephone.



  1. Once activated, Anonymous Call Rejection remains in effect until deactivated.
  2. You will not be provided with any information about blocked calls.
How do I use outbound Caller ID blocking?

To Activate Caller ID blocking:

  1. Lift handset and listen for dial tone.
  2. Press *67.
  3. Dial the phone number.
Will my home phone work if my electricity goes out?
Fiber optic services do not carry voltage as the copper plant provided in the past. A power source will now be required. In the event of a commercial power outage, a battery back-up is needed to make telephone calls. Contact our office for pricing and more information.
What are the rates for international calls?

Refer to the list below for our International Long Distance rates:

Coutry/Territory Rate Per Minute
Afghanistan $0.75
Albania $0.30
Algeria $0.30
American Samoa $0.14
Andorra $0.30
Angola $0.40
Anguilla $0.40
Antarctica $0.75
Antigua & Barbuda $0.30
Argentina $0.14
Armenia $0.30
Aruba $0.30
Ascension Island $1.50
Australia $0.14
Austria $0.14
Azerbaijan $0.30
Bahamas $0.14
Bahrain $0.30
Bangladesh $0.20
Barbados $0.30
Belarus $0.40
Belgium $0.14
Belize $0.40
Benin $0.20
Bermuda $0.20
Bhutan $0.40
Bolivia $0.28
Bosnia $0.30
Botswana $0.40
Brazil $0.14
British Virgin Islands $0.30
Brunei Darussalm $0.14
Bulgaria $0.20
Burkina Faso $0.30
Burundi $0.20
Cambodia $0.40
Cameroon $0.30
Canada $0.14
Cape Verde $0.50
Cayman Islands $0.30
Central African Republic $0.30
Chad $0.50
Chile $0.20
China $0.20
Christmas Island $0.14
Cocos Island $0.14
Colombia $0.14
Comoros $0.75
Congo Republic $1.02
Congo, Dem Rep of (Zaire) $1.02
Cook Islands $1.00
Costa Rica $0.20
Croatia $0.30
Cuba $1.50
Cyprus $0.14
Czech Republic $0.20
Denmark $0.14
Diego Garcia $2.00
Djibouti $0.75
Dominica $0.40
Dominican Republic $0.30
East Timor $0.75
Ecuador $0.30
Egypt $0.30
El Salvador $0.30
Equatorial Guinea $0.50
Eritrea $0.75
Estonia $0.30
Ethiopia $0.50
Faeroe Islands $0.40
Falkland Islands $1.50
Fiji $0.50
Finland $0.14
France $0.20
French Antilles (Martinique) $0.30
French Guyana $0.30
French Polynesia (Tahiti) $0.50
Gabon $0.20
Gambia $0.40
Georgia $0.20
Germany $0.27
Germany (Local) $2.50
Ghana $0.20
Gibraltar $0.30
Greece $0.20
Greenland $1.50
Grenada $0.40
Guadeloupe $0.40
Guam $0.14
Guatemala $0.30
Guinea $0.30
Guinea Bissau $0.75
Guyana $0.75
Haiti $0.50
Honduras $0.50
Hong Kong $0.20
Hungary $0.20
Iceland $0.20
India $0.30
Indonesia $0.20
Inmarsat 870 $13.00
Inmarsat Atlantic E $13.00
Inmarsat Atlantic W $13.00
Inmarstat Indian $13.00
Inmarstat Pacific $13.00
Iran $0.20
Iraq $0.30
Ireland $0.14
Israel $0.14
Italy $0.14
Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) $0.40
Jamaica $0.30
Japan $0.30
Jordan $0.40
Kazakhstan $1.00
Kenya $0.75
Kiribati $0.20
Korea North $0.75
Korea South $0.20
Kuwait $0.20
Kyrgyzstan $0.30
Laos $0.20
Latvia $0.30
Lebanon $0.40
Lesotho $0.40
Liberia $0.50
Libya $0.40
Liechtenstein $0.30
Lithuania $0.30
Luxembourg $0.30
Macao $0.20
Macedonia (FYROM) $0.40
Madagascar $0.50
Malawi $0.20
Malaysia $0.20
Maldives $0.50
Mali $0.30
Malta $0.40
Mariana Islands $0.14
Marshall Islands $0.75
Mauretania $0.50
Mauritius $0.20
Mayotte Islands $0.75
Mexico $0.14
Micronesia $0.75
Moldova $0.30
Monaco $0.20
Mongolia $0.20
Monteserrat $0.40
Morocco $0.40
Mozambique $0.30
Myanmar (Burma) $0.50
Namibia $0.30
Nauru $2.00
Nepal $0.50
Netherlands $0.14
Netherlands Antilles $0.30
New Caledonia $0.75
New Zealand $0.20
Nicaragua $0.40
Niger $0.30
Nigeria $0.14
Niue $1.50
Norfolk Island $3.00
Norway $0.14
Oman $0.40
Pakistan $0.20
Palau $0.75
Palestine $0.30
Panama $0.20
Papua New Guinea $0.75
Paraguay $0.20
Peru $0.20
Philippines $0.30
Poland $0.78
Portugal $0.14
Puerto Rico $0.14
Qatar $0.75
Reunion Island $0.40
Romania $0.30
Russia $0.14
Rwanda $0.30
San Marino $0.14
Sao Tome & Principe $1.00
Satellite Iridius $8.00
SatNet Other $13.00
Saudi Arabia $0.30
Senegal $0.40
Serbia $0.30
Seychelles $0.40
Sierra Leone $0.40
Singapore $0.20
Slovakia $0.30
Slovenia $0.30
Solomon Islands $1.00
Somalia $0.75
South Africa $0.20
Spain $0.14
Sri Lanka $0.30
St Helena $2.00
St. Kitts & Nevis $0.40
St. Lucia $0.40
St. Maarten $0.40
St. Pierre & Miquelon $0.40
St Vincent & the Grenadines $0.40
Sudan $0.40
Suriname $0.50
Swaziland $0.30
Sweden $0.14
Switzerland $0.14
Syria $0.40
Taiwan $0.20
Tajikistan $0.30
Tanzania (includes Zanzibar) $0.40
Thailand $0.20
Togo $0.30
Tokelau $1.50
Tonga Islands $0.50
Trinidad & Tobago $0.30
Tunisia $0.40
Turkey $0.20
Turkmenistan $0.30
Turks & Caicos Islands $0.30
Tuvalu $1.50
Uganda $0.30
Ukraine $0.20
United Arab Emirates $0.50
United Kingdom $0.49
United States (& Virgin Islands) $0.14
Uruguay $0.30
Uzbekistan $0.20
Vanuatu $1.50
Vatican City (Holy See) $0.14
Venezuela $0.20
Vietnam $0.40
Wallis & Futuna Islands $1.50
Western Samoa $0.75
Yemen $0.40
Zaire $0.75
Zambia $0.30
Zimbabwe $0.30