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Ligonier Service Area
Stahlstown/Indian Head Service Area

Yukon Service Area
South Canaan/Waymart Service Area
Lackawaxen Service Area

Gigabit Fiber

LHTC Broadband offers speeds up to 1 Gbps on our fast, reliable 100% Fiber Optic network.

Symmetrical Speeds

Internet+ services include Symmetrical Speeds, which is the same download and upload speed.


Get wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage and control your network from anywhere with the HomePass app.

Internet+ Plans







wifi+ Powered by Plume

Whole-Home Coverage

Symmetrical Speeds

1000 Mbps Download

1000 Mbps Upload







wifi+ Powered by Plume

Whole-Home Coverage

Symmetrical Speeds

500 Mbps Download

500 Mbps Upload







wifi+ Powered by Plume

Whole-Home Coverage

Symmetrical Speeds

300 Mbps Download

300 Mbps Upload







wifi+ Powered by Plume

Whole-Home Coverage

Symmetrical Speeds

150 Mbps Download

150 Mbps Upload







25 Mbps Download

5 Mbps Upload

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wifi+ Powered by Plume 

Eliminate blind spots and elevate your wifi experience across your home. wifi+ powered by Plume provides you with full strength, uninterrupted connectivity where and when you need it. It continuously learns about your Internet needs and allocates capacity to devices that need it most.


Improve WiFi connectivity 


In-home motion detection


Internet access controls for your family. 


Always on, 24/7 network security

Introducing WiFi worth loving 


LHTC Broadband offers a government assistance program to help make communications services more affordable for eligible low-income residential customers. This federal program is called Lifeline, and it lowers the monthly cost of phone or internet service. Eligible customers will receive a monthly credit toward their bill.

How to Qualify for Lifeline:

To see if you qualify, visit or stop by your local LHTC Broadband office. You are only allowed to get one Lifeline benefit per household, not per person. If you qualify, your household can get one Lifeline benefit for phone or Internet service, but not both. Your household cannot get Lifeline from more than one company.  Lifeline is non-transferrable to another person or household.

LHTC Broadband’s wifi+ is available for residential customers only and is not available with customer owned router or in all areas. Professional installation is required by an LHTC Broadband technician. Self-installs are not allowed. Includes replacement of damaged or non-working Wi-Fi devices resulting from normal wear and tear. Units are the property of LHTC Broadband and must be returned if service is terminated. Replacement fee applies if unreturned. Service is intended for secure set-up of wireless devices to one LHTC Broadband provided broadband router. Wifi+ does not guarantee Wi-Fi coverage throughout the customer premise. Furthermore, wifi+ does not guarantee delivery of full package speed to wireless devices as Wi-Fi may reduce speeds to connected devices by 30% or greater. HomePass® app required. Customer must have device capable of downloading and running the HomePass® app. Features such as AI Security, Advanced IoT Protection and Parental Controls only available while device is connected to LHTC Broadband’s wifi+ network. LHTC Broadband does not guarantee protection of devices from cyber threats that are connected to wifi+ via the Plume® network. LHTC Broadband does not endorse Plume® Motion and Sense as a home security system. Certain other conditions and restrictions may apply.