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Don’t abandon your landline phone service just yet. Yes, we are the phone company and we love cell phones just as much as the next person. They are an important part of our business, but cell phones and landlines are two completely different pieces of technology. So, let me explain how landlines have evolved and why they are still a valuable service.

Reason #1
In case of an emergency

We live in rural areas and cell phones use GPS-based methods to report your location to 911 which can sometimes be a general location, not a specific location. A landline phone is connected to your home address, so the 911 operator knows exactly where to send help even if you can’t tell them.  Also, cell phones need good reception in order to report your location and we know all too well that many of our homes are located in poor service areas.


Reason #2
Call Quality

Landlines are known to produce better quality of sound and clarity than on a cell phone. According to Consumer Reports, their tests show the voice quality for talking and listening was better than that of the best cell phones. This becomes very important for those that suffer from hearing loss or for businesses who need a clear connection.


Reason #3
Power Outages

Yes, cell phones do work in power outages, but they have a finite battery life. It is hard to know when the power will be restored and your phone can’t be charged without power. Power banks will only last for so long. Landline phones work even if the power is out. The battery backup will keep you connected up to 8 hours after an outage, which will allow you to make emergency calls if needed. To be prepared for a power outage we suggest having at least one corded phone and for extra security we sell 24-hour batteries.


Reason #4
Home Security Systems

Many home security systems require a landline connection to monitor your fire or burglar alarm sensors. They may also need it as a backup for the security company to use as a contact. If you don’t have a landline, some security companies will charge an extra fee of $15 or more to have a device installed that communicates with their office via a cellular connection.


Reason #5
Easy for children to locate and use

Cell phones are not always easy to find, especially in an emergency situation involving a parent. Not to mention getting past screen locks or facial recognition. Landline phone are good to have on hand for children to use in case of these emergencies. They can be easily taught how to dial 911 and since landlines are tied to a service address, as mentioned earlier, this will help find them faster. Landlines are also a good way to let children use the phone before they are given a cell phone.