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In 2013, LHTC acquired the assets of South Canaan Telephone Company (SCTC), along with its two affiliated companies, South Canaan Services Company (SCSC) and South Canaan Long Distance Company (SCLD), in South Canaan, PA. Like Laurel Highland Telephone Company, it was around the turn of the century when a one wire telephone line was built, connecting the villages of Lake Ariel, Georgetown (Gravity), and South Canaan. Those who had telephones on this line could be connected to each other by means of a switch board. There was a meeting in 1906 to consider the organization of a more modern telephone system and it was decided to obtain a charter for the organization of a telephone company. The name of the new company was The South Canaan Telephone Company and the charter was obtained in September of 1906. Before long, a trunk line was built across the mountains to Carbondale from Waymart and more lines were added to Lake Ariel to expand business in that direction. During this time, an independent telephone company organized and built lines north of Waymart and east of South Canaan and Waymart. As the two companies grew, they seemed to cause dissension in the town. People needed to rent telephones for calling one another since the independent lines and South Canaan lines did not connect with one another. After considerable bargaining, the independent company was bought by the South Canaan Telephone Company.

During the 1950s, plans went forward for the installation of a dial system and automatic exchange. A building to house the central office and the new automatic exchange was built in South Canaan and a central exchange office was built in Waymart. In October of 1963, the switch over was officially completed. South Canaan Telephone Company, which began in a small way, had become a progressive, modern telephone system.