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As the month of April begins, we decided to take a look at some fun National holidays that occur throughout the month and that we at LHTC can appreciate!

Public Television Day came to be on April 7th in 1927, after AT&T transmitted the first successful long-distance public broadcast on television. The Public Broadcasting Service, also known as PBS, channel 13 WQED, is still broadcasting today. With a show like Antiques Roadshow, you can watch as specialists from the country’s leading auction houses and independent dealers offer free appraisals on antiques and collectibles and sometimes reveal fascinating stories about family treasures and flea market finds. And let’s not forget the program that features the most famous street where you can find a talking yellow bird, two best friends Bert and Ernie, and a red giggling friend, just to name a few. That’s right Sesame Street! Having been on the air over 54 seasons’, kids have been being entertained all while learning their ABC’s and so much more!


For show listings on these programs and much more, click on the link below.

Our next fun holiday is called National Telephone Day.  Established on April 25th, this holiday celebrates you guessed it the telephone! Although many kids today will never understand what an actual telephone was, we still have those that understand the value of having what is also referred to as a land line phone. Dating back to 1876, the telephone revolutionized how people communicated with each other and has evolved throughout the years.


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And for more fun and silly holidays in April, click the link below!