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Hello May and hello to LHTC Broadband’s new tv+!  As the industry is changing, so is LHTC Broadband! Our new streaming service will give you, the customer, more of what you want! With LHTC Broadband tv+, you have the ability to watch what you want, when you want, where you want, across multiple devices with cloud-based DVR. Don’t miss out on your favorite program or movie, with the LHTC Broadband tv+ App, you can watch your recordings from anywhere including your cell phone! Catch up on your favorite shows while relaxing this summer by the pool or on your porch!


With LHTC Broadband tv+, you can watch a DVR’d program from anywhere! All you have to do is download the LHTC Broadband App on your devices!

How can you switch to LHTC Broadband tv+?


  1. CALL

Speak with a customer service representative about your current services and what is needed to upgrade to our LHTC Broadband tv+.


You have the choice of installing yourself or having one of our technicians do the install.


Download the LHTC Broadband tv+ app.