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Robo Calls

Robo Calls

Are you Tired of Robo Calls?

Receiving calls about your expiring car warranty is annoying. Robo calls are even more annoying because you can’t tell the person on the other end of the phone to remove you from their list. Robo calls can be made to both your landlines and your cell phones and can become a real nuisance if you are trying to work from home. So, what is the best way to deal with these unwanted calls?

Home Phone Fixes

Robo calls have reached peak performance, with many people receiving multiple calls a day, some being illegal. There are a number of things you can do avoid receiving robo calls. Here are some to try:

  1. Use the Federal Do Not Call list. This will stop all legitimate telemarketers, but it does not stop robocallers or scammers. These callers are illegally calling anyone and everyone and not following a list. This will stop salesmen or recruiters. It is free to register. Some calls can still go through, including charities, political groups, surveys and collections. You should report any unwanted calls you receive after being on the registry for 31 days.
  2. Use Caller ID. If you get a call from a number you don’t recognize, don’t answer it. Caller ID can be added to any LHTC Broadband landline. Contact our Customer Service department for more information.
  3. If you do answer a robo call, do not say anything and hang up immediately. If you talk or press a number this will tell them it is a legitimate number and they will attempt to call again. Most importantly, never say “yes” to a robo call, as there really is a scam where they can record your affirmative and use it to steal your identity. If someone says, “Can you hear me?” and you don’t know who it is, hang up!
  4. Use your LHTC Broadband invoice for the call details to see where the unwanted numbers are coming from. You can block specific numbers or report them. Be aware that the worst scammers spoof or rotate their numbers. They also use numbers that appear to be your own phone number. Avoid answering those numbers.
  5. Turn on anonymous call rejection. This will block a lot of robo calls because they don’t want caller ID picking up their numbers. To turn on anonymous call rejection pick up your home phone and dial *77. To turn it off dial *87.
  6. While not the most practical fix, if you are getting a lot of robo calls, you can always turn your ringer off. If you are running a business or are someone’s primary contact, this isn’t the best solution. It has, however, been quite effective for many people. Scammers often give up on a number if nobody ever answers the phone.
  7. The best and easiest solution to handle robo calls is add the Robocall Blocker feature to your landline. The Robocall Blocker is available to phone customers in the Stahlstown and Indian Head exchanges and will eliminate telemarketers, political calls, phone spam, and tele-scammers. You can add up to 10 numbers that can ring through automatically without having to listen to the robocall message for family and friends calling your home.

If you would like to try any of these solutions or add Caller ID, Anonymous Call Rejection or Robocall Blocker please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives today at 724-593-2411!

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Keeping Your Landline Phone

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Keeping Your Landline Phone


Don’t abandon your landline phone service just yet. Yes, we are the phone company and we love cell phones just as much as the next person. They are an important part of our business, but cell phones and landlines are two completely different pieces of technology. So, let me explain how landlines have evolved and why they are still a valuable service.

Reason #1
In case of an emergency

We live in rural areas and cell phones use GPS-based methods to report your location to 911 which can sometimes be a general location, not a specific location. A landline phone is connected to your home address, so the 911 operator knows exactly where to send help even if you can’t tell them.  Also, cell phones need good reception in order to report your location and we know all too well that many of our homes are located in poor service areas.


Reason #2
Call Quality

Landlines are known to produce better quality of sound and clarity than on a cell phone. According to Consumer Reports, their tests show the voice quality for talking and listening was better than that of the best cell phones. This becomes very important for those that suffer from hearing loss or for businesses who need a clear connection.


Reason #3
Power Outages

Yes, cell phones do work in power outages, but they have a finite battery life. It is hard to know when the power will be restored and your phone can’t be charged without power. Power banks will only last for so long. Landline phones work even if the power is out. The battery backup will keep you connected up to 8 hours after an outage, which will allow you to make emergency calls if needed. To be prepared for a power outage we suggest having at least one corded phone and for extra security we sell 24-hour batteries.


Reason #4
Home Security Systems

Many home security systems require a landline connection to monitor your fire or burglar alarm sensors. They may also need it as a backup for the security company to use as a contact. If you don’t have a landline, some security companies will charge an extra fee of $15 or more to have a device installed that communicates with their office via a cellular connection.


Reason #5
Easy for children to locate and use

Cell phones are not always easy to find, especially in an emergency situation involving a parent. Not to mention getting past screen locks or facial recognition. Landline phone are good to have on hand for children to use in case of these emergencies. They can be easily taught how to dial 911 and since landlines are tied to a service address, as mentioned earlier, this will help find them faster. Landlines are also a good way to let children use the phone before they are given a cell phone.

Get the Most from Your Internet Service!

Get the Most from Your Internet Service!

Life is a little different these days and we are all more dependent on our Internet service more than we have ever been before. Working from home, virtual school, family movie night, online grocery shopping, and the list goes on and on. Even though we are spending all this extra time at home, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to do these things faster. Your Internet service needs to be working for you. So how can you ensure your Internet service is performing at its peak?

First and foremost, know your speed. What speed Internet service are you subscribing to and what is it capable of doing? More importantly what are the download and upload speeds. Download speeds reflect how quickly you can access things online. Faster download speeds will load your websites, Netflix movies, and work email more quickly. While upload speeds tell you how quickly you can put things on the internet. Faster upload speeds will not only get that PDF attached to your email in a jiffy but also keep your beautiful smile looking picture-perfect during your Zoom call. One benefit to LHTC Broadband’s Internet service is its speeds are synchronous, which means that you get the same download and upload speeds. Many other providers offer higher download speeds, but much lower upload speeds which can affect your experience.

Another thing to consider is data. Everything you do online uses data, with streaming and downloading large files typically using up the most data overall. Most internet providers allow you to use at least one TB of data each month. LHTC Broadband offers unlimited data so if you are backing up a large amount of data at the end of workday from home there is no need to worry about being interrupted by a data cap.

One of the most asked questions we received when customers are signing up for Internet service is what speed do I need? Our customer service representatives will ask questions about what you are using your Internet service for on a daily basis to help you determine which speed best fits your needs and budget. Now that many of us are working or attending school from home, those needs may have changed. Download speeds of 100 Mbps should keep most families productive at home for work and school. Then after work and school, it’s enough speed to binge watch your favorite shows while your teenagers’ game and video chat with friends.

If you have a smart home and a family that loves to spend most of their time online, whether it be for work or play, then you may want to consider 200 Mbps. This download speed is perfect for livestreaming and constant streaming. If you think you may need to increase you speed, you can upgrade your LHTC Broadband Internet service to the next speed for FREE for 30 days. Call our office today and ask about our Speed Upgrade special.

Currently, many families are spending their days at home in front of the TV. We’ve all had that problem, where each member of the family wants to watch a different live show, and if you don’t have control of the remote, you may end up missing it. Well, we have a solution to that problem, and that’s with watchTVeverywhere (WTVE). With your current LHTC Broadband cable subscription you have FREE access, that’s right, FREE access to WTVE services.

What is WTVE you may ask? It’s a service that gives current LHTC Broadband TV subscribers access to view their favorite TV programs on their laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone anytime or anywhere. When using WTVE there isn’t a limit to the number of devices that can be on the account at one time. However, some TV networks may limit the number of devices per account when trying to view a show.

How do you access WTVE? A one-time registration is the first step to start using WTVE. Go to and select LHTC Broadband as your cable service provider from the drop-down menu. Next, you’ll need to have your last invoice on hand. From your invoice you’ll need your account number and the last name on the account. Finally, click “Register” to start the registration process. Once you’ve completed the registration process you can log into your WTVE account. Choose a TV Network you want to watch, and you’ll see a list of available programs. You can also download TV network apps on your cellphone and tablets to go directly to those channels.

What sets WTVE apart from other streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney+, is that you can watch your shows live, or if you’d happen to miss your show, the episode will be able to be viewed within days of the original premier. It’s important to remember that you can watch any WTVE program as long as it’s on a network that’s a part of your current TV subscription. Also, there are some networks, such as ABC, that don’t allow you to watch live TV, but you will be able to view any episode of your favorite show from the current season the next day after it premiers.

Also, if you subscribe to HBO on your LHTC Broadband TV account, WTVE will allow you to access HBOMax for free. HBOMax includes original movies and series, as well as, many new movie premiers that are set to release in theaters. With HBOMax you’re getting exclusive access to these new movies at no additional cost.

For more information on how WTVE works and how you can access it, visit our website at, watchTVeverywhere | LHTC Broadband. If you have any other questions, contact our office today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

LHTC Broadband Corporate Office – Ribbon Cutting Event

On Thursday, August 6, the Mountain Laurel Chamber of Commerce (MLCC) hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for LHTC Broadband’s New Corporate Offices overlooking the beautifully remodeled Caddie Shak at 101 Laurel Highlands Place in Donegal.  Members of the MLCC, sister chamber’s, local officials and members of the community toured the new facility that brings together both LHTC Broadband’s business offices, that were in Indian Head and Stahlstown, along with its LHTC Media operations. The building includes a customer care center for LHTC Broadband customers to pay bills, pick up equipment, learn about new services, and discuss their accounts with customer service representatives. It will also be home to the new LHTC Media studios for video and broadcast production.

LHTC Broadband’s President & CEO, Jim Kail, stated that this was an important day in the Company’s long history.  He went on to say “Over the years, the Company has been investing in the communities we’re privileged to serve, which started with the modernization of our plant facilities shortly after I joined the Company nearly 18 years ago. The building is the capstone of the modernization effort.” Kail also stated that “None of the Company’s achievements would have been possible without the loyal support of customers, the hard work of our employees, and the trust and confidence placed in the employees by the Company’s Board of Directors and shareholders.”

MLCC Executive Director Kris Enberg stated, “We are excited to be hosting this event which fits perfectly with our mission to enhance the economic growth and development of the business community by offering a variety of services and programs to meet the needs of local businesses, residents and tourists and for the opportunity for the membership to gather as business leaders during the ongoing pandemic.”

Everyone at LHTC Broadband would like to thank those in attendance for taking time out of their busy day to tour their new offices. Special thanks to fellow members; STC Company, Shari Bukovac Bookkeeping and Foggy Mountain Lodge & Restaurant for their generous contributions to the ribbon cutting.  Special thanks to Julianne Brown of Marinades Catering for catering the luncheon.

The MLCC wishes LHTC Broadband continued success in their new endeavors and looks forward to working with them as economic leaders in the community for many years to come.

COVID-19 Update

Dear Customer:


After serious consideration, due to the volatile nature of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have decided that it would be in the best interest of all involved to cancel this year’s Customer Appreciation Day (CAD) events. Based on the feedback received from customers over the years, I know that many of you have enjoyed the CAD events, and I’m sorry we won’t be able to hold them this year.

Hopefully, we will be in a much better situation next year, and we’ll be able to gather at next year’s events and look back at this strange time with a sense of relief knowing that the crisis is behind us. Along these same lines, the first half of 2020 has had more than its share of difficulties and challenges, and I’m hoping that better things are in store for us and the rest of the nation during the second half of the year. In the meantime, now is a good time to give thanks for the important things in life such as family, good friends, and a sunny summer day.

If you have questions concerning this matter, please let me know. Best wishes for a healthy and safe summer season.

James J. Kail
President & CEO

COVID-19 Update

Dear Customer:


On June 9th, by the authority granted under the PA Constitution, both chambers of The General Assembly passed House Resolution 836 (the “Resolution”), which ended Governor Wolf’s State of Disaster Emergency. As a result of the passage of the Resolution, all restrictions imposed upon the businesses and residents of PA by the Governor’s Order have been terminated. While the Governor has stated that he doesn’t intend to abide by the Resolution and that he will pursue the matter further in court, until the issue is settled by the court, the Governor’s Order no longer has the force of law.

Accordingly, we will be reopening all of our offices effective Monday, June 15th.

COVID-19 Update

Dear Customer:


As I’m sure you know by now, there have been many changes implemented over the past few weeks in response to the government’s efforts to address the Coronavirus pandemic. Along these lines, Governor Wolf issued an order that all “non-life-sustaining” businesses close effective last Thursday evening. Given the critical nature of communications services, we’re considered to be a life-sustaining business, and, for this reason, we will continue to do our best to ensure that there are no interruptions in your service. Furthermore, as part of this effort, we will continue to perform our normal installation and repair work.

Regardless of my own personal feelings concerning the pandemic and the effort to deal with it, I have a fiduciary responsibility to our employees and customers to take the virus threat seriously. Accordingly, along with the other members of our management team, we must do our best to safeguard their health. With this in mind, we recently implemented the following procedures at each of our business offices:

  1.   The doors to our business offices are being kept locked to minimize personal interaction. For this reason, we’re asking you to use one of the following methods to pay your bill:
    • Mail your payments to our Stahlstown business office at: P.O. Box 168, Stahlstown, PA 15687. (If you are a Lackawaxen customer, please mail your payment to P.O. Box 208, Stahlstown, PA 15687.
    • Pay online by visiting the LHTC Broadband website at:
    • Pay over the phone by calling one of our business offices.
    • Consider setting up an “auto-pay” arrangement whereby your payment would be deducted directly from your bank account or charged to your credit card each month. If you’re interested in this method of payment, please call one of our offices and speak to a Customer Service Representative who will be more than happy to assist you.
  2. In the event you still prefer to pay in person at one of our offices, you will be able to drop off your payment in the mail slot or other designated area that will be provided via a notice posted at the office.

On another note, please understand that we are here to assist in whatever way we can to help you deal with the hardships that you may be going through as a result of this unprecedented crisis. With that said, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you think we can provide such assistance.

Trust me when I say that we value our personal interaction with our customers, and as soon as it’s deemed safe to go back to our customary way of doing business, we will surely welcome the opportunity to do so. In the meantime, I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change in procedures. Thank you for understanding and for the privilege to continue to earn your business. Best wishes for good health and a blessed Easter holiday.

As always, if you have questions concerning this matter or anything else concerning LHTC Broadband, please let me know.

James J. Kail
President & CEO

Office Locations and Phone Numbers:
Stahlstown: 724-593-2411
Indian Head: 724-455-2411
Yukon: 724-722-3131
South Canaan: 570-937-4114
Lackawaxen: 570-685-7111

Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Department’s 58th Annual Fireman’s Fair Parade

What brings a community together more than the local fireman’s fair and parade? For 58 years our local Volunteer Fire Department has been attracting residents to its annual parade and fireworks display. For the second straight year LHTC Broadband participated in the Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Department’s 58th Annual Fireman’s Fair Parade. The parade, which is an hour long, features firetrucks, antique cars, and of course this year, our float! This parade even has its own judging stand for Best Rescue/Squad Truck, Best Pumper Truck, Best Band, Best Show Car, Best Equestrian, Best Novelty and Judges Choice. The variety and excitement of the parade is enjoyable to kids and adults alike.

Last year was our first appearance in the parade and our float was a replica of what a typical home in the LHTC Broadband area would look like. This year our Marketing Department decorated one of our company trucks in a luau theme. The front of the truck was decorated with flowers and sea life, while the bed of the truck was decorated with birds, palm trees, and tiki torches; this gave the truck a real luau feel! It rained earlier in the day and the forecast didn’t look good for the start of the parade either. Fortunately the weather held off and the kids on the float threw candy along the parade route. Unfortunately our truck didn’t win, but don’t worry, we’ll be back again next year with a new float!

LHTC Broadband New Office Groundbreaking

As you’ve probably have heard, LHTC Broadband broke ground back on July 12th, 2018 for their new corporate headquarters in Donegal. Construction began in August and lasted until late October. Due to the winter weather, construction was put on hold from December through February. In March, the weather finally broke, and construction began once again. By late April, the shell of the first floor was completed and construction of the second floor began. As of early June, the second floor was is nearly complete, and work on the roof will begin soon. If all goes according to plan, the building should be completed by October of this year. The corporate building will be home to both business offices that are currently located in Stahlstown and Indian Head, as well as, the radio studios for 97.3 Lite FM Latrobe and 98.7 Jack FM Greensburg. As progress continues, we will be sure to keep you updated so be sure to check back to see how the construction progresses.